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About Us

Program Goals

The Early Intervention Program is designed to meet the challenges presented to children with disabilities from birth through five years of age.  By providing valuable educational services to children with developmental disabilities from birth, Early Intervention helps children function more productively and independently with their families.

By providing support to parents and fostering a parent-educational partnership, early intervention helps reduce family stress and promotes the family's ability to cope with the special needs of their child.

Program Principles

  • PLAY is considered the natural way of learning for young children. It gives opportunities for concrete experiences, outlets for tension, decision making, use of imagination and learning skills. If a child's mental or physical limitations prevent normal development play, productive play skills must be taught.
  • The TEAM APPROACH is a key program element. Program staff share their expertise and promote coordination among other professionals. This helps to provide a "total" program to the child and family.
  • The HOME is the primary place of learning for the preschool-aged child. Parent involvement is encouraged both in the school program and in a variety of family gatherings which occur during the year.